double_o_pisces's Journal

double o pisces
25 February 1980
all my children, antm, antsy pants, any alcoholic beverage, any kind of "chucks", astrology, beer pong, belle & sebastian, boybands pushing 40, buying magazines i don't-read, cartoons, chuck taylors, coloring books, cooking, dancing animals, dreaming, dressing my dogs, flip cup, folk music, gloves with no fingers, goofing off, honey baked ham, interesting friends, journaling while at work, kimya dawson, knee socks, making my own clothes, making up fun games, midgets riding unicycles, motorized carts, nkotb's courage, nunchucks, nuns fighting woodchucks, nuns wearing chucks, nuns with mad-nunchuck skills, otter pops, painting, playing dream phone, playing drinking andy griffith, playing suits, pranks, regina spektor, rockband, sea monkeys, string cheese, the moldy peaches, three-legged dogs, thrift stores, vacuuming in my underoos, wearing burger king crowns, wii bowling, woodchucks